How to buy Montessori materials?
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Can our school become accredited?

Please contact Affiliated Societies for in-country guidance regarding Montessori school quality indicators.

How can you become an trainer?

You need:

‧An  Diploma for the level of interest.
‧At the 6-12 level one must also have an  3-6 diploma; at the 0-3 level one must have either an 3-6 diploma or take a Foundation Course.
‧A minimum of five years of teaching experience; at the 3-6 level, 3 of the 5 years must be consecutive with the same class. At the 0-3 level, of the 5 years two must be consecutive with the same community.  At the 6-12 level one must have a minimum of 2 consecutive years at both the 6-9 and the 9-12 classes during the minimum 5 years or 5 years with a 6-12 class.
‧A bachelor’s degree or the equivalent.
‧A classroom observation visit by someone appointed by the Training Group.

How widely is the Diploma recognised?
The diploma issued  is identical throughout the world, according to the level followed (0-3; 3-6; 6-12). In some countries, national, or regional educational authorities may request additional qualifications.

Where can I take an AMI course and what are the tuition fees?

Affiliated training centres can be found on most continents. Thewebsite contains all contact information for our courses. Please contact centres directly for all relevant information on enrolment (fees, admission policies, course dates, etc.).

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